Welcome to CardioSHARE!

CardioSHARE is a unique framework for querying distributed data and performing data analysis using Semantic Web standards. CardioSHARE's two main innovations are an enhancement to a standard SPARQL query engine, which enables the required data to be retrieved dynamically from Web Services; and the ability to use OWL class restrictions to drive the discovery and execution of Web Services capable of generating that class' defining properties, thus allowing naiive data to be "lifted" into more complex OWL classifications. Both of these behaviours are accomplished by mapping predicates onto Web Services capable of producing RDF data that satisfy those predicates. Our initial focus has been on integration with the BioMoby project: a set of 1500+ interoperable bioinformatics web services. CardioSHARE effectively brings this established pool of resources into conformance with Semantic Web standards. Given that much of the data from CardioSHARE is generated dynamically based on analysis of incoming query data, the effective size of the "virtual" triplestore is un-measurable; limited only by the number of conceivable inputs.

To learn more about the system, please see our article CardioSHARE: Web Services for the Semantic Web.

This demonstration of the CardioSHARE system provides two example user-interfaces: a web form for issuing SPARQL queries (the Query tab below), and a browser to explore the virtual graph (the Browse tab below). Links to appropriate documentation are available on each tab.

Query form

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A list of example queries is available here.

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A list of predicates is available here.

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